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Our Philosophy

  Our mission at Cherry Hills Learning Academy is to offer your family the care, comfort, fun and safety of your child from infants to 5 years old. We strive to be your partner in their emotional growth and physical development. Each day promises an exciting new adventure with age-appropriate, stimulating, curriculum and programs.

  The underlying philosophy of respect, reciprocal relationships, and community manifests itself in our goals as we assist in the development of your child.  The teachers recognize the importance of balance and provide opportunities for mental, physical, and emotional growth through a variety of learning and creative experiences.  Children are encouraged to learn and explore at their own pace in areas that interest them.

We pledge each day to strive…

  • To be role models, creating an atmosphere where respect for one another and ourselves manifests itself in everything we do.

  • To provide qualified, caring and enthusiastic educators who will nurture each child’s learning, thinking and development.

  • To offer a safe, secure environment where each child’s individual needs are recognized and respected.

  • To enable creativity that will foster mental growth by providing opportunities for testing new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem solving that acknowledges and celebrates their uniqueness and diversity.

  • To develop a curriculum based on observations, strengths, and interests of the children to nurture their development and offer experiences that help children learn about themselves and the world around them.

  • To communicate effectively with parents to form a cooperative team, the key to fostering a child’s success.  Communication provides opportunity for the child to reach their maximum potential both inside and outside the center.

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